International Cooperation on Capacity Building

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International Cooperation on Capacity Building

CDB has been actively engaging in international cooperation on capability building since 2006, and establishing high-level dialogue platforms jointly with partner countries’ government departments, financial institutions and relevant enterprises, to share experiences on national economic and social development and reform, theories and practice of development finance, industrial upgrading, improvement of people’s livelihood, poverty alleviation and sustainable development, etc., following the principle of “mutual trust, experience sharing, mutual learning and common development”. By this means, CDB has shared experiences and exchanged ideas with foreign partners, not only to enhance the institutional capacity, but also to set the direction for future collaborative and co-development. Specific ways of cooperation include:

1. CDB invites representatives of partner countries to seminars or workshops in China and visit relevant projects financed by CDB;

2. CDB experts visit partner countries and share experience with local partners;

3. CDB Scholarship supports young people from partner countries to learn Chinese language or pursue their graduate studies in China, to cultivate cross-cultural talents for international cooperation.

In 2017, CDB announced two initiatives to organize Experience Sharing & Capacity Building Cooperation Program for Belt and Road Partners and to establish the CDB“Belt and Road”Scholarship, which were both included in the “List of Deliverables of the 1st Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation”, to reinforce the capacity building cooperation with partners in Belt and Road countries.

As of the end of 2019, CDB has held a total of 339 seminars, workshops and conferences attended by 10,892 participants from 174 countries all over the world. CDB Scholarship has sponsored 257 foreign students from 40 countries to study in China, and given 383 foreign students from 58 countries one-time award for their outstanding academic performance and comprehensive ability.