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Loan Financing


As China is open to the outside world, CDB is committed to supporting Chinese companies “going abroad”, guided by the principle of mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win progress. CDB serves China’s “Belt and Road” strategy, and deepens cooperation with foreign governments, enterprises and financial institutions in key industries, ranging from infrastructure, equipment manufacturing, finance, agriculture and energy to projects important for people’s livelihood. CDB promotes major projects and supports Chinese railway and nuclear power enterprises as they go global. CDB contributed to the establishment of the Silk Road Fund, supported the preparation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, deepened multilateral financial cooperation mechanisms including the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Inter-Bank Association, China-ASEAN Banking Consortium and BRICS Inter-Bank Cooperation Mechanism, and pushed forward the implementation of relevant outcomes; CDB gives full play to the role of transnational investment platforms such as China-Africa Development Fund and the Fund for Development Cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries. It facilitates RMB internationalization and actively contributes to the development of the offshore RMB market. CDB is committed to a stronger risk management system, ensuring reliable asset quality, and maintaining its status as the largest foreign investment and financing cooperation bank in China for many years. CDB has expanded the overseas correspondent bank network, which now includes 707 banks in 106 countries and regions across the world, thus steadily improving its international services.

Core Products

Foreign currency loans for long-term projects

Foreign currency liquidity loans

Offshore RMB loans

Sovereign loans

Foreign exchange commodities finance

Foreign exchange procurement finance

Buyer’s credit

Vendor’s credit

International syndication


Single-factor export factoring

Two-factor export factoring

Two-factor import factoring

International leasing factoring

Import bill advance

Outward bill credit

Export bill discount


Overseas refinancing

Bill purchase