Our Vision

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Our Vision

Building a world-class DFI to provide sustained support for economic and social development

Our vision reflects our confidence in the future development of CDB. It is the goal we keep working to realize.

To become a world-class DFI, CDB continues to grow with renewed vitality and keeps building on its influence and risk-resistance capability.

[Renewed vitality for sustained innovation]

CDB needs to acquire renewed vitality to push through reform-driven development. We will rise to challenges on our way to success through reform and innovation, and keep optimizing the bank’s corporate governance, operating mechanisms and procedures, service standard and operational efficiency. We will adhere to the philosophy of “people first” in driving business growth, and cultivate high quality, professional and creative talents to add impetus to CDB’s development.

[Acquire strong global influence]

Growing influence is a major aspect of the role played by development finance. Domestically, CDB will maintain its position at the forefront of reform-driven development, give full support to improve people’s livelihood, and guide private capital to become an indispensable economic and social growth driver in the financial institution system, thereby making even greater contributions to national development strategies. Internationally, we need to promote international exchange and cooperation, actively take part in international economic and financial governance, and promote win-win cooperation and common development, showcasing the strengths of Chinese financial institutions on the international stage.

[Strong risk-resistance capability to ensure sustained development]

Strong risk-resistance capabilities provide the foundation for CDB to support national strategies and achieve sustainable development. Adhering to the “macro risk management” approach, CDB implements effective risk prevention and control measures amid business operations while prioritizing business development as the overriding objective; keeps developing the comprehensive risk management system, and tightens up risk control; improves the internal control system and operational management, and guards against irregularities and illegal activities. We are dedicated to building the bank into a DFI with adequate capital, standardized corporate governance, strict internal controls, operational security, quality services, and safe assets.

Providing sustained support for economic and social development means that CDB should fulfill its role as a DFI in key sectors and “weak links” during critical transitional periods.

[A major role in key sectors]

It involves optimizing business coverage, focusing support on key industries and projects related to national security and economic lifelines, balancing domestic and international business development, promoting international cooperation, and playing a leading role in the implementation of China’s national development strategies.

[Remedying leading role in strengthening “weak links”]

CDB is fully committed to its social responsibilities by providing needed assistance for national development. As the “financial pioneer and coordinator”, we continuously innovate our products and business models to guide private capital to solve bottlenecks in economic development.

[Support counter-cyclical development at critical times]

CDB devotes itself to facilitating the implementation of macroeconomic control policies through medium- and long-term investment and financing activities, supporting the national economy at times of economic difficulty without interfering with the market during boom periods. Therefore, it has become the financial platform for macroeconomic regulation.