Our Mission

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Our Mission

Enhancing national competitiveness and improving people’s livelihood

Mission is what CDB believes in. It represents the purpose and objectives of all CDB’s undertakings. Since its inception, the bank’s own development has been closely linked with the national development strategy and the interests of the people.

[Enhancing national competitiveness]

As a development finance institution, CDB is duty bound to facilitate national strategies and build on the country’s competitiveness. Since its foundation, CDB has made active efforts to push forward the implementation of national strategies through financial support. The bank dedicates itself to key projects of infrastructure and basic/pillar industries, urbanization development, improving people’s livelihood, overseas investment of Chinese enterprises, alleviating development constraints and supporting macro regulation. The bank has helped mitigate the impact of the global financial crisis and promote stable economic growth and restructuring, contributing greatly to China’s economic and social development and overall competitiveness.

Sustainable development of the Chinese economy requires development finance to continue to play its role. CDB will continue to support major national projects, increase the provision of public goods, and continuously build up economic development momentum; create new scope for regional development, and tap into economic growth potential; drive industrial restructuring and facilitate the development of new technology, new industries, and new business formats; inject new vitality into economic development; support the “Beautiful China” strategy, develop green finance, and boost sustainable economic and social development; support internationalization initiatives of Chinese enterprises, actively participate in global governance, increase China’s overall competitiveness and international influence.

[Improving people’s livelihood]

As an ancient Chinese saying goes, “The people are the root of a country, and a country can develop steadily only if it is firmly rooted.” CDB aligns its operations with the goal of finishing building a moderately prosperous society, applying successful experiences gained in infrastructure construction to projects closely related to the people’s livelihood, e.g. affordable housing for low-income groups, poverty relief, “agriculture, rural areas, and farmers” development, education and healthcare, SMEs and microbusiness projects. In addition, inclusive finance will be further developed to stimulate social progress and facilitate the building of a harmonious society.

Efforts should be made to improve people’s livelihood by effectively addressing fundamental production and development issues affecting the general public. CDB commits itself to strongly supporting “shared development”, pushing forward key projects related to people’s livelihood, promoting social equity and justice, improving people’s well-being, so that more people can benefit equally from the country’s development. To this end, we will continue to innovate our products, services and business models, and mobilize various resources to channel private capital toward projects closely related to people’s livelihood; we will work to strengthen “weak links” in China’s modernization drive, and make new contributions to finish building a moderately prosperous society.