Core Values

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Core Values

Responsibility, innovation, green growth, prudence and win-win development

Core values are the cultural guidelines for CDB, and the shared goals uniting people at CDB in its pursuit of excellence. These core values have been at play throughout the bank’s development history and are now part of the thinking of our staff.


Responsibility gives CDB a sense of mission to support national strategies. For many years, CDB has committed itself to serving national strategies, contributing greatly to economic and social development in China by supporting the infrastructure and basic/pillar industries, people’s livelihood projects and “Go Global” efforts of Chinese enterprises.

Standing at a new starting point, DFIs have honorable lofty mission and immense responsibilities. CDB must continue to develop despite the many challenges ahead, fulfill its mission with an enterprising spirit, and live up to the high expectations placed on it by the state and the government.


Innovation is what drives CDB’s development and reforms. We have always remained at the forefront of China’s financial reforms and managed to maintain momentum for business development through bold, open-minded innovations, actively exploring new models and methods for effective financial service development.

Under the new normal, CDB will stick to the innovation-driven development approach. It allows us to resolve problems and create new growth engines through innovation, thereby ensuring sustained and dynamic business development at the bank.

[Green growth]

Green growth is an important aspect of our social responsibilities. As one of the members of the United Nations Global Compact, CDB places great emphasis on energy and resource conservation and environmental protection. We support green, circular and low-carbon development, incorporating the notion of “green credit” into all aspects of its business operations. Over the years, we dedicated ourselves to promoting harmonious development between man and nature.

CDB will adhere to the green development principle, reduce waste of resources in business operations, and prioritize green finance in line with our commitment to combating pollution in China. In international cooperation activities, we guide enterprises to develop and manage construction projects according to international ecological protection principles and regulations. We encourage efforts to strike a balance between economic, social and environmental benefits.


Prudence is the foundation for the survival and development of CDB. The bank adopts the scientific development perspective to support market-oriented operations, and continuously improves project planning, development, review, credit authorization, post-loan management, etc. We have developed risk management and internal control systems unique to CDB to ensure prudent business growth.

CDB will continue to guide its business operations with a prudential approach balancing the relationship between development, risk, and profit. We will further refine and rationalize the bank’s management, improving the adaptability, stability, coordination of organic growth as a means of ensuring high quality and sustainable growth.

[Win-win development]

Win-win development is the prerequisite for inclusive growth. CDB gives high priority to the most critical issues in domestic and international projects alike. We endeavor to tackle the most pressing concerns and challenges facing government departments, clients and partners, and ensure enterprises and the real economy can benefit, and have therefore won the respect and trust across various sectors in the Chinese society.

On the national level, CDB always gives top priority to the facilitation of national strategies, promotes economic growth and social progress in China and safeguards the interests of investors, ensuring value preservation and appreciation for state-owned assets while promoting common growth and prosperity through cooperation with other countries; in terms of social responsibilities, we increased support for undertakings concerning people’s livelihood to enhance the well-being of the general public, in line with the bank’s commitment to inclusive development; for clients, we strive to create mutual benefit, win-win development and shared value by aligning the interests of both sides; a staff development platform has been introduced to allow employees to fulfill their potential and achieve personal development through development-oriented financial endeavors.