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CDB Leasing Co., Ltd.

China Development Bank Leasing (“CDB Leasing”) is registered in Shenzhen as a non-banking financial institution, with registered capital of RMB 9.5 billion. It is controlled and operated by CDB with the approval of China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC). Its predecessor is Shenzhen Leasing founded in 1984. In early 2008, CDB became the controlling shareholder of the company through a capital injection and changed its name to CDB Leasing Co. Ltd.. In September 2015, CDB Leasing became a joint stock company following a shareholding reform and its registered capital increased to RMB 9.5 billion. With a history of over 30 years, it is widely noted as one of the oldest and most influential financial leasing companies in China. It was appointed president of the Professional Committee of Financial Leasing, China Banking Association in late 2013.

Ever since its inception on 29 May 2008, CDB Leasing kept expanding its business coverage sticking to specialization and coordinated development as the guiding principles. Its assets continued to increase with consistent improvements in profitability, putting the company in a leading market position across the board. Adhering to innovation driven development and serving the real economy, the company now operates a wide variety of businesses in over 20 countries and regions worldwide, ranging from aviation, shipbuilding, automobile, construction machinery, urban infrastructure, large equipment manufacturing, highways and rail transportation to energy, affordable housing and small and medium enterprises. Furthermore, as the leasing platform within CDB’s integrated financial service system, CDB Leasing has been working together with CDB in serving national strategies and supported key initiatives such as industry transformation and upgrade and international cooperation, and the internationalization of Chinese equipment manufacturing and service businesses.

Over the years, CDB Financing has devoted itself to “creating value for clients”. Playing its role as a financial leasing operator, it provides clients with customized financial leasing service solutions, and aided the development of tens of thousands of enterprises in various industries based on differentiated financing models catering to the needs of large, medium and small enterprises as well as microbusinesses. As the Chinese economy transitions into the “new normal”, CDB Leasing will continue to fulfill its commitment to “improving people’s livelihood and serving the real economy”, and develop financial leasing products that better support economic and social growth and capital and assets leasing activities conducted by clients. The ultimate goal is to create more value for clients and revitalize untapped social assets, thereby facilitating the economic restructuring and transformation in China.

CDB Leasing is on track to become a world-class financial leasing operator, a global brand in the Chinese financial leasing market. We look forward to working together with our partners from all sectors to promote financial leasing and real economic growth in China.