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Intermediary Business

Overview of Intermediary Services

In 2015, CDB attached great importance to the steady development of intermediate services, and earned net revenue of RMB 12.1 billion in related businesses with the income structure further optimized. Eleven credit asset-backed securities issues were launched totaling RMB 101.3 billion, and we outranked all other Chinese banks in terms of the number of securities issues and total issue size. In terms of guiding private capital through innovative securitization to invest in national strategies such as shantytown transformation and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei synergy, we took the lead in issuing shantytown transformation related products of RMB 10 billion and RMB 5 billion of special financing products dedicated to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei synergistic development strategy, thereby contributing greatly to the healthy development of the securitization market and optimization of the financial ecosystem optimization. We set up an asset management department to enable specialized wealth management operations divided into front-office, middle-office and back-office segments. A total of RMB 268 billion worth of RMB wealth management products were issued.

Financial Cooperation and Innovation

In 2015, CDB continued to strengthen centralized business coordination and increased cooperation with leading financial institutions.

Cooperation with other banks. The Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement has been renewed with five national joint stock commercial banks, i.e. China Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank, Huaxia Bank, China Guangfa Bank and Ping An Bank; Shantytown Transformation Special Cooperation Agreement 2015-2017 was signed with the Bank of Beijing; we led the arrangement of 204 syndicated loans totaling RMB 664 billion in contractual value, and won the “Best Performance Award”, “Best Management Award” and “Best Deal Award” from China Banking Association; and our internal credit ratings and credit lines were assigned to 20 national financial institutions.

Cooperation with insurers. With the guidance provided by CDB, insurance funds were introduced to the Hetaoyu project in Gansu, and RMB 1.5 billion was delivered in 2015; cooperation agreements were signed with PICC and China Taiping, and property insurance agency businesses were developed in partnership with 10 property insurance companies including Ping An and PICC; our internal credit ratings and credit lines were assigned to eight insurance companies.

Cooperation in other businesses. We cooperated with asset management and securities companies in asset management, financial leasing, etc. businesses; and our internal credit ratings and credit lines were assigned to six securities companies and four asset management companies.


In 2015, CDB pushed ahead with specialization and market-oriented reforms among its subsidiaries pursuant to the group development strategy. As a result, the subsidiaries’ positioning and development objectives have been further refined, and governance structures further developed to enhance their development capability as well as increasing their strategic and financial contribution to the group; the shareholding reform was completed, and initial progress has been achieved in market-oriented reforms. In addition, efforts were made to deepen synergistic development between the parent company and the subsidiaries, and reinforce the market-based profit sharing mechanism in line with the philosophy to “Operate As One Bank, Deliver Customer Experience As One Bank and Deliver Services As One Bank”. Committed to serving national strategies through “investment, loan, bond, leasing and guarantee” operations, we made fruitful endeavors in terms of facilitating major national strategies such as “One Belt, One Road”, “New Urbanization” and industry transformation and upgrade leveraging the bank’s overall operating advantages. RMB 238.1 billion of collaborative funding was delivered in full-year 2015, corresponding to RMB 12.2 billion of shared revenues.