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CDB Securities Co., Ltd.

China Development Bank Securities (“CDB Securities”) is a wholly-owned securities subsidiary established by CDB after the acquisition of 100% equity in the former Aviation Securities. It is headquartered in Beijing, specializing in securities brokerage, equity investment consulting, financial advisory related to securities trading and securities investment, securities underwriting and sponsorship, proprietary securities dealing; securities asset management, margin trading and other businesses approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).

Guided by CDB’s operating philosophy of serving national strategies, CDB Securities achieved smooth progresses in all business segments and delivered consistent improvements in earnings results thanks to the hard work of its staff teams. As of the end of 2015, its total assets hit RMB 45.681, with full-year operating income standing at RMB 3.164 billion and net profit at RMB 999 million. The company received AA ratings assigned by the CSRC in the securities company category in three consecutive years, in recognition of significant improvements in its market value and position. Major awards won by CDB Securities since 2013 include “Best Enterprise Bond Underwriting Investment Bank in China”, “Innovative Securities Company of the Year”, “Innovative Brokerage of the Year” and “Brokerage of the Year for Social Responsibility” presented by Financial News and STCN.

Over the past six years, CDB Securities has acquired unique competitive advantages:

Leader in bond innovation. CDB Securities inherited CDB’s brand and advantages in bond underwriting, and maintained a leading position in the bond market. In particular, it beat all competitors in enterprise bond issues during four consecutive years. It has established itself as the leader in bond innovation through assets securitization businesses, and set the record in single bond issue ABS in China.

Highly integrated financial services. Leveraging resources offered by CDB, CDB Securities provides clients with financial services integrating “investment, lending, bond, leasing and securities” across the capital and money markets, in line with the group’s development strategy. By directly targeting high quality clients and projects referred by CDB, CDB Securities has created a solid client base for business development.

Exceptional financial strength. The registered capital of CDB Securities has been increased from the initial RMB 520 million to RMB 7.37 billion, leading to substantially enhanced business development and risk resistance capabilities. It recorded an impressive risk coverage ratio of 485.53% as of the end of 2015.

Corporate social responsibility. CDB Securities adheres to the mission and corporate culture of CDB, serving the public interest and supporting local economic and social development leveraging its unique advantages. Through the introduction of “bond-loan compound financing” and other innovative financing models, a growing amount of private capital has been channeled to projects closely connected with the people’s livelihood, e.g. affordable housing and shantytown transformation.

Looking ahead, CDB Securities will continue to rely on CDB and serve CDB’s priorities and national development strategies, further developing its characteristic businesses. While maintaining a leading position in bond underwriting and proprietary trading activities, it will divert efforts to investment banking and international businesses, and steadily develop innovative services such as asset management and credit trading, aiming to build the company into a professional, innovative and highly competitive securities company.