Green Finance

In recent years, CDB has answered the call of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council’s call for ecological conservation with its commitment to “green credit”. It has increased credit support for key programs including watershed and urban environmental improvement, 10 major energy-saving projects, clean energy, industrial pollution control and circular economy. All these have contributed to China’s ecological conservation efforts.

As of the end of June 2015, the balance of the CDB’s outstanding green loans totaled RMB 1.5 trillion, making it the largest green credit provider among Chinese banks, with the green credit NPL rate remaining below the average level of the bank.

CDB will continue to fulfill its role as a development finance institution in key sectors and “weak links” and during important periods. As the first chair of the Professional Committee for the Green Credit Business of the China Banking Association, CDB will maintain close communication and cooperation with other members of the committee, so as to contribute to the development of the green credit sector in China.



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