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CDB lent 256.1 billion yuan in H1 to serve the environmental conservation and green development of the Yangtze River

Time:2022-07-18  Source:CDB

Since the beginning of this year, China Development Bank (CDB) has earnestly implemented the decisions and instructions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, actively brought into play the role of development finance, and continuously strengthened its support for the environmental conservation and green development of the Yangtze River. In the first half of this year, CDB issued 256.1 billion yuan of loans, up 14% year on year. It provided strong support for priority areas such as the urban and rural environmental protection and ecological restoration, industrial pollution control, environmental protection and ecological restoration of shorelines, building of comprehensive transportation systems, and rural infrastructure construction in the Yangtze River Belt.

According to calculation, the ecological protection and restoration projects of the Yangtze River, supported by CDB through loans during the first half of the year, will increase the sewage disposal capacity of 1.37 million tons per day, govern and dredge waterways of 730 kilometers, improve river and lake wetland of 50,000 mu, shut down or relocate 26 polluting enterprises and build new forest reserves of 1.46 million mu after completion, exerting good ecological and social benefits.

In the first half of this year, CDB introduced measures to further improve the quality and efficiency of the national strategies for regional development, upgrade relevant working mechanisms and safeguard measures, strengthen overall planning and coordination of all departments of the Bank, better support the implementation of national strategies for regional development such as the Development of the Yangtze River Belt with development finance, and help form the regional economic landscape featuring complementary advantages and high quality development. At the same time, the Guidelines of China Development Bank on Supporting the Environmental Conservation and Green Development of the Yangtze River (2022) was refined and published, further enhancing the guiding ideologies, basic principles, priorities and objectives of supporting the environmental conservation and green development of the Yangtze River, and providing solid guarantee for completing the related tasks with joint efforts of the whole bank.

It is said that CDB has intensified its support for the protection and restoration of the Yangtze River since the beginning of this year. Chishui River, an upstream tributary of the Yangtze River, is a nature reserve for rare and endemic fishes. CDB Sichuan Branch granted a line of credit of 470 million yuan, of which 195 million yuan has already been issued, to support the sewage treatment project of the main stream of Chishui River in Gulin County, which has promoted the improvement of sewage treatment facilities in 64 administrative villages on the left bank of the Chishui River, as well as 5 sewage treatment plants of Shuangsha, Maoxi, Shibao, Deyao, and Huangjing, improving the capacity of sewage treatment, as well as the ecological environment of the watershed and the living quality of the residents.

In Jiangxi Province, CDB Jiangxi Branch granted a line of credit of 2.5 billion yuan to support the rural revitalization of Poyang Lake area in Nanchang (Phase I), promoting the regional ecological restoration and protection of crane habitats, green belts, wetlands, roads, water systems, revetments, farmlands and cultural sites in the Poyang Lake region of Nanchang National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. It also supported the rural revitalization projects in the region for upgrading the quality of modern agriculture, improving rural culture and tourism, and restoring the ecological environment. Once completed, these projects will effectively improve the ecological environment of Poyang Lake region and the Crane Town, creating a demonstration example of a living community of “Human and Nature”, overcoming the soil erosion, and reducing the amount of water used per acre for irrigation by 15%. It is expected to attract thousands of cranes to spend the winter there each year.

In addition, CDB also supported the development of a number of key projects for the ecological conservation of the Yangtze River, such as the comprehensive ecological governance of Hanjiang Bay in Wuhan, the ecological restoration and comprehensive environmental control of Tuojiang River basin in Fushun County of Sichuan Province, and the water diversion from the Yangtze River to the Huaihe River (Anhui section).

In the next step, CDB will align its efforts with the instructions of the central government, deepen the cooperation between the Bank and the government, and adhered to the project and list-based accountability principles, actively promoting the implementation of key projects for the ecological conservation and green development of the Yangtze River with differentiated credit policies, and making new contributions to the high quality development of the Yangtze River Belt.