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CDB signs agreement of cooperation with CSUS, pledges Rmb80bn in investment and financing to support intelligent urban construction in the next three years

The China Development Bank (CDB) and the Chinese Society for Urban Studies (CSUS) held a signing ceremony in Beijing today to sign an Agreement of Strategic Cooperation on 12th FYP Intelligent Urban Construction. The CDB pledges an investment and financing line of up to Rmb80bn to support China's intelligent urban construction in the latter three years of the 12th Five-Year Plan period. Wang Yongsheng, vice president of the CDB, and Qiu Baoxing, vice minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and chairman of the CSUS, attended the signing ceremony.

Under the agreement, the CDB and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) will work toward promoting urbanization with intelligent urban infrastructural building and operation services, and strengthen their cooperation in fields such as infrastructural building, intelligent urban integrated operating platforms, urban waterworks construction and operation projects, and energy-saving and green construction projects in pilot cities, districts, counties, and townships for intelligent urban construction. CDB Capital Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the CDB, will also work with the CSUS to jointly launch an Intelligent Urban Development Fund.

In recent years the CDB and the MOHURD have carried out comprehensive cooperation in fields such as planning studies, welfare housing, energy and land conservation, and personnel exchanges with fruitful results. The signing of this agreement is an important step in the implementation of urbanization as endorsed by the 18th Party Congress. It also marks the further deepening of the comprehensive strategic cooperation between the CDB and the CSUS. The two sides will give play to their respective advantages, scientifically push forward China's urbanization building and development with the guide of state policies and the support of developmental financial services, achieve innovation in the investment and financing system for intelligent urban construction, and coordinate and push forward China's industrialization, urbanization, informatization, and agricultural modernization in order to better promote economic and social development in China.

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