Vice Premier of China's State Council and Australian Prime Minister Meet Chinese and Australian Entrepreneurs

Time:2016-04-15  Source:XinHua News

The Fifth China - Australia CEO Roundtable Meeting took place on April 15 in Beijing. Wang Yang, Vice Premier of the State Council of China, and Malcolm Turnbull, the Prime Minister of Australia met with participating entrepreneurs.

Wang Yang said that since President Xi Jinping’s successful visit to Australia in 2014, China and Australia had strengthened mutual political trust and established a stable economic partnership, which had opened a new chapter in China-Australia relations. The economies of China and Australia are complementary, so China and Australia are natural partners. As China and Australia accelerate restructuring and implement a strategy driven by innovation, they can highlight and expand their trade cooperation. The large number of Australian entrepreneurs present at the meeting in China reflects a closer trade relationship between China and Australia, public support for bilateral trade cooperation, and favorable expectations for the Chinese economy. China would like to work with Australia to implement the consensus reached by their leaders and complete the development of the China-Australia Free Trade Zone, a new step to guarantee mutual benefit for each country.

Mr. Turnbull noted that relations between Australia and China had been developing fast in a wide range of areas. The success of the roundtable meeting showed that business players from both countries have confidence and high expectations for Australia-China relations. Australia and China have new opportunities for trade cooperation, where innovation will be the new engine for bilateral exchange. Australia welcomes investment by Chinese enterprises and hopes to work with China to promote greater development in trade cooperation. (Writer: Yang Yijun; Photographer: Li Tao)



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